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My set from Dance Camp at NECTR 2016:

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A love letter, as penned with liquid drum’n’bass.

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Sunshine soul vibes. A little cosmic funk. Summer time liquid drum’n’bass vibes, as dropped at Sonic Beating’s Flux event on Aug 16 2014 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, by the bank of the Charles.

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This is an unfinished liquid drum’n’bass mix of only 55 minutes (I usually shoot for CD length), but I like it so much that it’s a shame to keep this hidden. So here it is, now in public!

  • fire 347 liquid drum’n’bass mix 2012-11-25: mp3 download

One cold November day, as I was listening through my drum’n’bass tunes, I exclaimed “this tune is FIRE!! I must make a mix with this!” Then I jumped onto the decks and thus this mix was born.

Time for a fresh mix for the hot, steambath East Coast summer. Deep, liquid vibes, funky drums and soulful grooves, from DJ ILP.

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It’s been a while since my last mix. It’s time to catch up on all the great tunes that I picked up in 2009 and 2010:

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A mix of 32 deep, liquid and funky tunes.

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winter spice!

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new liquid DJ ILP mix for your listening pleasure. lost days, hope ahead.

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New liquid DJ ILP mix, on the bright side of things!

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